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East Translates East project framework

Translation grants for journals

Thursday 23 November 2006 by Maria Velichkova

East Translates East program of Next Page Foundation announced a new competition for translation grants for cultural periodicals in 2006. The grants cover translation and copyright costs of texts, originally written in one of the languages of Central and Eastern Europe, which are to be published in cultural journals in other countries in the region.

No applications are accepted within the program currently. Supported projects are announced here.

Project idea

The core of the East Translates East program is the belief that sharing literary and intellectual achievements within Central and Eastern Europe is crucual to the region’s development. Cultural journals are seen as a medium that can sustain such exchange and that can most promptly react and reflect upon cultural changes and new social and political tendencies.

Eligibility and criteria

-  Project proposals by periodicals for translations from/into the languages of the following countries are eligible to apply:

BelarusBosnia & HerzegovinaBulgaria
CroatiaCzech RepublicEstonia

-  In addition, texts originally written by authors from the above countries who write primarily in other languages can also be included in the proposal.

-  While individual periodicals may also apply, collective proposals from consortia of journals from the region are encouraged.

-  Applications for translations across the new “EU divide” - between the languages of the new member states and the non-EU countries, will be supported with priority.

-  Projects can be submitted by both printed and electronic periodicals.

-  Priority will be given to periodicals which demonstrate a comprehensive publishing policy and lasting interest in East-East exchange, and which have adequate distribution and marketing.

What kind of projects cannot apply?

Individual’s projects (by translators, editors, etc.) are not eligible. Publishers who have not completed previous grant agreements with Next Page Foundation, OSI or other organization of the OSI network in due time, cannot apply for a grant. Also, applications involving translators whose work has been negatively evaluated more than once within other grant programs of Next Page foundation, are not eligible. Translations between the languages of Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina are not acceptable.

Grant competition

-  Grants will be provided to cover only copyright and translation costs of texts originally written after 1989. Preference will be given to translations of up-to-date texts originally written after 2000.

-  Translation of poetry will not be suppotred.

-  Grants will be provided to periodicals issued at least 4 times a year.

-  Each periodical can apply for the translation of a minimum of 10 texts to be published within the 12 months following the grant approval.

-  Translations supported by the project can - depending on the periodicals’ policy - be included in:

  1. rubrique/s
  2. thematic issue/s (topic-based but not focused on a particular language of translation)
  3. any other format chosen by the periodical

-  Publishers can apply for translations of both fiction or non-fiction (essays, humanities and social sciences, journalism, etc.)

-  In case of printed journals, preferences will be given to those that also provide free on-line access to the texts.

RTF - 820.5 kb
application form for individual journals
RTF - 824.3 kb
application form for consortia

All project proposals shall include a completed application form (downloadable here - for journals or consortia of periodicals) and at least 2 recent issues of the periodical sent to the address bellow. Applications should be sent by e-mail to: Maria Velichkova by 20 November 2006.

After the approval

-  All applications will be reviewed by the program’s Adisory Committee whose rating is of key importance for the final decision on the proposals.

-  Once a grant application is approved, Next Page foundation prepares a contract and mails it to the grantee; the contract requires the publisher to commit to the publication deadline and the content of the project as specified in the application. Changes of the content exceeding 25% of the full list of translations supported within this call shall be made only after Next Page’s written permission.

-  Grants are paid in two installments, 50% - upon signing of the grant contract by both sides, completion and approval of the 1st translation, and 50% - upon publication of all the translations and given that all other contractual undertakings are being fulfilled.

-  Next Page reserves the right to verify independently the accuracy of translations and to withhold the grant if the translations are substandard.

-  Grant payments are denominated in Euro and are made directly to the publisher’s bank account; the contracted amount cannot be changed in order to cover any exchange rate differences at the moment of payment.

-  A narrative and financial report for each grant is required upon publication of all translations.

-  Publishers should report all other subsidies and grants for the project, and the grant requested should reflect any such additional support. Co-funding related to the project is encouraged.

For more information please address:

Maria Velichkova, project coordinator at Next Page Foundation
35, Ljuben Karavelov str.
1142 Sofia, Bulgaria
tel/fax: + 359 2/986 65 12