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September 2017: Прессъобщение: Първи каталог с арабски преводи на съвременни автори от България и Балканите
June 2017: Прессъобщение: Разкази на Георги Господинов и Миглена Николчина в превод на арабски
May 2017: Прессъобщение: Софийски форум за превода събира професионалисти от над 10 държави
May 2017: Press Release: Translation Collider Forum will gather professionals from over 10 countries
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Translators' Thursdays

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Translators' Thursdays are seminars for professional translators, aiming to detect intersections and areas of interest between translators of different languages. The meetings provide a motivating environment and stimulate informal relations of mutual assistance and mentoring. Ultimately, the seminars aim to consolidate and mobilize the translation community on important issues that affect the nature of literary translation and the social-political meaning of translations.

Presentations by renowned translators, followed by informal discussions. Every seminar lasts up to 2 hours. The first part (40 minutes) covers the prepared presentation, followed by the second part (40-60 minutes) in the form of discussion, with a 10-minute break between the two parts. The events start at 17:00 o'clock.
Active literary translators with at least one published translation.

If you wish to participate, please, send an email request at
22 June 2017
Linda Gregorson (USA),
Nadejda Radulova
and Dimitar Kenarov

Interruption, withdrawal, getting closer
27 Oct 2016 Alexander Shurbanov Some Issues of Translating Poetic Texts  

18 Oct 2016
Elena Kalashnikova (Russia)
Translators' Thursdays on Tuesday: Elena Kalashnikova on the literary translations in Russia today

13 Oct 2016
Zdravka Mihaylova  Loanwords Among the Balkan Languages
06 Oct 2016
Vera Gancheva
Original Text and Tranlsation
2 June 2016 Iglika Vassileva 
Translating Titles 
26 May 2016
Neva Micheva
On Footnotes
12 May 2016 
Aneta Dantcheva-Manolova
Reception of Dutch-Language Literature in Bulgaria
28 Apr 2016
Yordan Kosturkov
Translating Verb Tenses
07 Apr 2016
Daria Karapetkova/G.Angelov 
On Translation

*More information on the seminars is available in Bulgarian only here.

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